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How do I measure my belt?

Measuring the treadmill belt – still on the machine

Most treadmill belts can be pushed around whilst on the treadmill.

Put a clear mark in the middle of the belt at the end you stand on. Measure 800mm or so and make another mark. Push the belt around and make another mark 800mm or so away. Keep on doing this around the belt and measure the final gap between the marks. Add them up and you have measured the outside length of the belt. The belt is under tension whilst on the treadmill. This allows it to drive and track properly.

The roller/drum can be moved backwards or forwards to apply or decrease tension in the belt. It will usually have a total adjustment between 50 and 100mm. Measure the total adjustment available, and then measure the position of the roller centre shaft relative to either end of the adjustment. Make a note of both measurements, and where they were taken from. We need this information so that we can work out the length of the belt we will supply you with, before it is put on the machine and tensioned and tracked.

Meauring the treadmill belt – off the machine

After removing the belt, if time permits, leave it for 12 to 24 hours to relax before measuring. It has been under tension for some time and will have stretched. Once off the machine it tries to revert to its original length, but never quite makes it.

The belt is easily measured on the inside or outside. The outside will be longer than the inside. If the belt cannot be used again then cut it in half and then measure the length from the same position on either end. Do not forget to measure the width.

Ideally a new belt when fitted will use one third of the total adjustment available. If there is 90mm total adjustment then a new belt will end up using 30mm. This allows enough extra length for the belt to be fitted easily, plus the tensioning, plus extra for clearance.

Request a customised belt

(take the measurement at each end of the cut belt and remember to measure both sides)
(take the measurement at each end of the cut belt and remember to measure both sides)