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Frequently Asked Questions

Treadmill FAQs

Do you manufacture the treadmill belts & decks?
Yes, we manufacture both belts and decks in our factory. We have been manufacturing belting for the retail, industrial and leisure markets for over 26 years, so you can buy with confidence in the knowledge that you are dealing with one of the UK's leading belting companies.

Are you a re-seller?
No, unlike many other firms who advertise on the internet we manufacture all the treadmill running/walking belts and decks in house.

Who makes the belts and decks for the machine manufacturers?
Companies such as ourselves, based in the USA and the Far East, where most of these machines are assembled. We have also made belts and decks for some of the leading manufacturers.

If my belt or deck is not listed on your website can you help?
Yes, we can manufacture any belt or deck to suit your requirements provided you can supply the necessary details. Please see the section below on how to measure your belt. Once you have measured the belt please contact us

You can also order directly from the website by selecting the bespoke belt options available on the home page. Please contact us for your deck options.

We can either make a blank deck to the exact outer measurements or collect the old deck at our expense and make a new deck with all machining and holes drilled.
You can also ring us on 01642 762686 option 3.

How safe is your payment system?
We use Sagepay and PayPal for our online transactions allowing customers to pay securely by debit or credit card.. Sage Pay has the highest level of card data security (PCI DSS Level 1 compliant) and is used by 50,000 businesses across Europe. Sagepay links seamlessly with our accounts system enabling us to efficiently process your orders without delay. Some helpful information is on the Sagepay website:

How long will I have to wait for delivery?
We manufacture and keep in stock the most popular belts. If the belt is not in stock we will make it quickly. This usually takes 2-3 working days from order. In the UK your delivery will be next day after manufacture. The exceptions are the Scottish Highlands, and the islands around the UK, Mainland Europe deliveries take 2/5 working days. Bespoke delivery options and timescales will be available during checkout via the interface to our UPS Worldship software. They are based on your actual address and offer a superb and economical service throughout Europe and the rest of the world. We have now delivered successfully to 60 countries.

Why do I have to provide a telephone contact number
We will only use it to contact you with any questions necessary to complete your order. UPS may also need to contact you if necessary to complete the delivery of your order

Do you have a returns policy?
Yes, please see below:

a. If the reason for the return is that we have made a mistake in fulfilling your order we will replace the product at no cost to you.

b. If the goods are faulty we will replace the goods at no cost to you.

c. Unused, unwanted product depending upon circumstance may be returned within 30 days of invoice date for a refund. You will need to contact us for a returns authorisation code and your refund will have a 20% re stocking charge deducted.

Unfortunately we cannot refund carriage charges. Likewise you will be wholly responsible for the costs of returning the product to us. Please ensure you include a photocopy of any relevant documents in the return consignment. You are advised to use a tracked service as the goods are still your property until we receive, and accept them as returned goods.

Why do I need a lubricant?
A lubricant is necessary on unlubricated belts to reduce the heat generated by the friction between the belt & deck. It is essential to apply lubricant to unlubricated running belts prior to first use.
Our Lubricant infused belts utilize the very latest technology and do not need any initial lubrication.

The lubricant is designed to last for the lifetime of the belt. Because of the wide variety of environments, decks and other factors that are beyond our control, it is recommended that the lubricant is checked during routine cleaning of the underside of the belt and deck. Lubricant should be applied if required.

What type of lubricant should I use?
A silicone spray, oil or gel is suitable but we advise that you follow the machine manufacturer’s instructions. We can supply 250ml of Pure silicone oil. It is designed to work with all our belts and decks.

Do I need to maintain my belt?
By keeping the treadmill belt and deck area clean and by applying regular applications of our lubricant when required prevents heat build up and will ensure that your belt lasts for a very long time.

How do I fit the new belt
Belts must be fitted in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions which are summarised below.
Tension the belt correctly by making two marks on either side of the belt 1000mm apart and tension so that the marks become 1005mm apart. [0.5% pre-tension].

Now track the belt by tightening one side or the other. So if the belt moves to the right tighten the right hand side by no more than 1/4 turn at a time. If it moves to the left similarly tighten the left hand side.

Here's a handy video to help you tension a new belt.


How do I measure my belt

Meauring the treadmill belt whilst it is on the machine
​Most treadmill belts can be pushed around whilst on the treadmill.
Put a clear mark in the middle of the belt at the end you stand on. Measure 800mm or so and make another mark. Push the belt around and make another mark 800mm or so away. Keep on doing this around the belt and measure the final gap between the marks. Add them up and you have measured the outside length of the belt. The belt is under tension whilst on the treadmill. This allows it to drive and track properly.

The roller/drum can be moved backwards or forwards to apply or decrease tension in the belt. It will usually have a total adjustment of 50/100mm or so. Measure the total adjustment available, and then measure the position of the roller centre shaft relative to either end of the adjustment. Make a note of both measurements, and where they were taken from. We need this information so that we can work out the length of the belt we will supply you with, before it is put on the machine and tensioned and tracked.

Meauring the treadmill belt - Off the machine
After removing the belt, if time permits, leave it for 12/24 hours to relax before measuring. It has been under tension for some time and will have stretched. Once off the machine it tries to revert to its original length, but never quite makes it.

The belt is easily measured on the inside or outside. The outside will be longer than the inside.
If the belt cannot be used again then cut it in half and then measure the length from the same position on either end. Do not forget to measure the width.

Ideally a new belt when fitted will use one third of the total adjustment available. If there is 90mm total adjustment then a new belt will end up using 30mm. This allows enough extra length for the belt to be fitted easily, plus the tensioning, plus extra for clearance.

If you have another query please feel free to contact us here.

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