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Nautilus T514 Sports Series 1 Orthopaedic Unlubricated 2 ply Treadmill Belt


Euroglide Orthopaedic 2 Ply treadmill belts look great and have a high grip top surface and cushioning in the style used by PowerJog and many other brands.

The 2 ply (4 Layer) material is strong and highly flexible to reduce power consumption. The underside fabric of the belt is low friction, whisper quiet. This low friction combined with the flexibility of the belt results in a low and constant amp draw and minimises wear and heat build up.

The material is highly conductive to dissipate static electricity. This belt requires lubricant. We recommend Euroglide silicone lubricant which needs to be applied before use. Our running/walking belts are manufactured by us in our factory using state of the art materials and processes.

Manufacturing Time: 5 Working days.

This belt is supplied with a 12 month warranty.

Black PVC A42 Profile

Additional information

Weight5.9 kg
Packed Dimensions53 × 20 × 20 cm

£160.49 inc VAT (£133.74 ex VAT)