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Precor Drive Belt replaces part 10214-102


All our Poly-V, J section, Motor Drive Belts meet the specifications of the original belts. The belts are low noise and have a long life span. They are supplied with a 12 month warranty.

Poly-V J Section Motor Drive Belts

This Euroglide Poly-V J section motor drive belt replaces Precor drive belt part number 10214-102 and fits numerous Precor treadmills including:-
9.33 serial AGKW 240V
9.35 serial AEXW 240V
9.57 serial AYYK AGKF
C932i serial AXGT AXGX 120V Experience
C932i serial AYYT 240V Experience
C946i serial A925 ATRX 120V Experience
C946i serial AADB 240V Experience
C952i serial ADEG AEWH AA38 240V Experience
C952i serial AYXM, A983, AAAN 120V
C954 V3 serial IS, LZ, N9 120V
C954 V3 serial LY, MA 240V
C954 V4 serial PB, PC, R7 120V
C954 V4 serial PD, PE, R4 240V
C954i serial A985, AAAR, ATPM 120V
C954i serial AA36, AXFM 240V
C954i serial AEXE, ADEY 120V
C954i serial AJKE, AEWY 240V
C954i serial ATTD, AB37 120V
C954i serial AXHD, AJPC 240V
C954i serial XB, Z3, ZM 120V
C954i serial XH, Z4 240V
C956 V3 serial IT, KE, MC, MX 120V
C956 V3 serial MB, MD, MY 240V
C956 V4 serial T2, T4, TA 120V
C956i serial A883, AJPB 240V
C956i serial A958, AABP 240V
C956i serial AA63, AEWW, AGJW 120V
C956i serial AJMB, AGJY 120V
C956i serial AMTB, A954 240V
C956i serial AYZD AGKY 120V
C956i serial XC, ZA 120V
C956i serial Z5 240V
C966 serial LJ, LL, MZ 120V
C966 serial LK, LM, N3 240V
C966 V2 serial T3, T5, TB 120V
C966 V2 serial T7, T9, TD 240V
C966i serial AA67, AABX 120V
C966i serial AABF, AMRL, AXFX 120V
C966i serial AADY, A884 120V
C966i serial AB38 AADX 240V
C966i serial AJLL, ATPX, AYXX 240V
C966i serial AJMC, AMTC 240V
C966i serial X7, XD 120V
C966i serial XJ 240V
TRM823 serial AJNZ ADGC 240V
TRM823 serial AMWZ AAEZ (915MHZ) 120V
TRM823 serial AMWZ ADGC 120V
TRM823 serial AMWZ AEYK 120V
TRM823 serial AMWZ AEYK AAEY (PVS) 120V
RM833 serial AMWZ A844 120V
TRM885 serial AMWZ ADGW 120V

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Packed Dimensions 10 × 8 × 3 cm

£12.00 inc VAT (£10.00 ex VAT)